"I want this on my table right now"
"Even your grandma can play it"


A powered up version of the arcade classic pong.
This is not just tennis, this time it's a shoot'em up.

Score the most goals by shooting the ball with your blaster.
Use either the fast but weak fire mode or wait for the big one.

Select your system


- CPU or VS Mode
- 2 fire modes (Weak/Fast) or (Strong/Slow)
- Keyboard, Gamepad and Touch compatible

  • CPU Mode

  • Vs Mode

  • Any Age

  • Gamepad

  • Touchpad

  • Keyboard

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Play against the machine
or Challenge your friends in a deadly Versus game

Brace yourself, maybe one day
you will be ready for a real live battle...
Or not ;)

D.I.Y Arcade Version